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Andrew Boone

My name is Andrew Boone and I’m running for San Jose City Council District 6 to push for effective solutions to our most pressing problems – poverty, inequality, housing, health care, transportation, public safety, public health, environmental protection, and the development of resilient and sustainable communities.

We have so many solutions within our reach that we are not using due to lack of both political leadership and financial resources. For example tax corporations at higher rates, raise the minimum wage to $15/hour, and strengthen rent control to limit rent increases to the rate of inflation. Stronger labor unions are key to San Jose’s prosperous and healthy development. All workers should be able to join a union, and everyone who lives in San Jose should be guaranteed a health insurance plan. San Jose needs to take decisive and ambitious action to slash greenhouse gas emissions along with air and noise pollution. Democracy must be strengthened and all forms of discrimination stamped out.

Please join me in crafting bold and progressive programs that we can use to address our most pressing needs. I’d love to hear your ideas.

Check out the April 3 San Jose Inside article on my announcement to run for City Council:

Challenger Andrew Boone (left) and incumbent Dev Davis (right) are currently the only declared candidates for San Jose City Council District 6 in 2020.

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